ERP academic paper

Technology Analysis Paper - ERP

Back in 2013, I enrolled at Denver's University, Daniels College of Business School for a Graduate Business Program. As part of  IT Strategy (ITEC 4610) course, with professor Amy L. Phillips -@phillipsamy, we were assigned to write a technology analysis paper. 

A few topics were set, to guide our dissertation. The topic I chose was about Enterprise Resource Planning technology and more specifically Oracle JD Edwards.

Looking back, moving forward

Looking back, moving forward

For how long do you work with JD Edwards? You may work for just one year, or maybe 10 years. I know people who work for almost 30 years! Can you imagine that? How many software companies do you know that has more than 35 years? It may be easy to think on the top of your mind on Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, right? So, think now an ERP software company with more than 35 years and things became more difficult.